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Domestic and Foreign Tractor Brands – Best Turkish Tractor Brands

Domestic and Foreign Tractor Brands – Best Turkish Tractor Brands

The best tractor brands matter. Because; Tractor brands are of great importance for a good agriculture. Tractors, which make it possible to carry out all kinds of agricultural activities with their different features, differ according to their usage areas with their distinctive features.

Tractors have made a great contribution to the easy carrying out of agricultural activities since the date they were invented. Thanks to the tractors, farming has become easier and more practical, and at the same time, it is possible to expand the agricultural areas. Tractors make a great contribution, especially in removing heavy workloads that people cannot do in most cases. Along with these contributions of tractors, the best tractor brands are of great importance for those who do agriculture. Considering the best brands in tractor selection will be helpful to choose the tractor that will best meet your business.

Başak Tractor

Başak Tractor, which stands out among the domestic tractor brands, has been meeting the needs of the domestic market for a long time with the models it produces. Başak Tractor is historically based on the wooden car factory established in 1914. Since then, it has started to produce tractors, especially in the 1950s, and has been operating in the field of tractors and agricultural tools for many years. Producing around ten thousand tractors a year, the brand also produces 100% domestic tractors. In this context, it also manufactures main parts such as tractor engine, gearbox and hydraulics. There are 42 models with 2 x 4, 4 x 4 wheel drive with different engines and powers. At the same time, it has become an important brand in its field by exporting to different countries. The brand, which has an important place in terms of market share in Turkey, also has an important place with the partnerships it has established.

Hattat Tractor

Among the Turkish tractor brands, Hattat Tractor also has an important place. The brand was established in 1998. After the completion of the necessary infrastructure works, it started production in 2002 and produces 209 models with different horsepowers in total from its factory in Tekirdağ. The company produces garden tractors, compact tractors and field tractors. The brand, which has an important place abroad with its reasonable prices, especially with the exports it has made abroad, also has an important place in the domestic market.

Türk Tractor

Türk Traktör, which holds the highest market share among Turkish-made tractor brands, stands out. Türk Traktör, a subsidiary of Koç Holding, was established in 1953. The brand, which was established with a foreign partnership in its first establishment, made its first export in 1979 and established a partnership with the famous tractor manufacturer New Holland in 1998. There are many tractor models within Türk Traktör. Models that will meet both the domestic and foreign markets are produced in its factories and facilities in Ankara. Models with high product quality and advanced technology are preferred. At the same time, thanks to its advanced maintenance network, it has managed to become a preferred brand by farmers. It has found a special place with its own models among the tractors that will be used for many years without any problems.

Deutz Fahr

Deutz Fahr, which comes to mind first among the German tractor brands, has been operating in the field of agricultural tools for nearly 100 years. The brand, which has a well-deserved reputation not only in Germany but also all over the world, with its superior quality tractor models, brings together advanced technology with tractors and produces useful, safe and durable models. The brand, which has started to produce high performance tractors together with tractors with 130 horsepower, is a brand preferred by farmers around the world. It produces extremely durable, useful and sustainable models, especially with the addition of factors that make driving easier while driving.

New Holland

New Holland, which is one of the best-selling tractor brands in Turkey, is a brand that finds its place around the world. New Holland, which produces not only tractors but also many agricultural products such as combine harvesters, balers, harvesters, seed planting and fertilization equipment, continues to be a preferred brand throughout the world with its advanced technology. The brand, which was established in the USA in 1895, was purchased by the Italian automotive giant Fiat in 1991 and continues its activities under Fiat today. It has an extensive network and factories globally. It expands its network by establishing factories or partnerships in places where agriculture is widely practiced. With its products, designs and innovative features, the company has received many awards in recent years and is a popular brand among farmers. It is preferred with its durable products and tractors. It continues to be preferable with ABS super steering systems, opti fan systems and specially developed products in the latest model tractors. There are many tractor models with various traction forces within the brand.

John Deere

John Deere, which is among the old tractor brands, is a worldwide brand in agricultural equipment and tractor production. It has a wide product range of brand products, which are especially obvious with their green color. It has always aimed to provide the right answers to the needs in the agricultural field since the 1800s, when it was founded with its advanced technological features on tractors. Especially thanks to the crawler tractor designs such as the 9630T, which has very strong performance, it has made it possible to use tractors and farm comfortably even in the most difficult conditions. The brand continues to be the leading company in the world with its constantly updated products among tractors and equipment.

What Should Be Considered While Choosing a Tractor?

It is necessary to pay attention to certain points when choosing between foreign and domestic tractor brands. It is expected that each tractor produced will show the best performance within the scope of its usage area, but if the wrong decision is made in the tractor selection, the question of which brand tractor is better will not be answered correctly. The first point to consider when buying a tractor is technical equipment and driving dynamics. Particular attention should be paid to engine power and structure. Basically, it is necessary to produce the highest level of engine power for a tractor. It should also have a high torque and powerful hydraulic system. For load conditions that can change at any moment, the pulling sensitivity should be high and it should respond in the best way to conditions such as depth, height, drop rate and slipping at the time of plowing or harvesting.

Based on the best-selling tractor brands, it is seen that users generally rely on these features. However, since there are more than one model even in the same brand, priority should be given to the models that will meet the need in the most correct way. In other words, the tractor should be selected within the scope of agriculture and should not be used for every operation. If it is chosen to be used in jobs higher than its capacity, then the model will not be able to respond correctly to the need and will be limited in terms of its useful life. In some models, especially in the latest models, there are features such as air conditioning, dust-free cabin, cooler or heater for the comfort of the user. You can decide on the right tractor based on the tractor brands list.

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