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Features of Diesel Generator Sets

Features of Diesel Generator Sets

What is this generator? The generator has entered our language from the word “generator”, which means producer in English. So what’s the use? It is a producer and what it produces is energy. Generator systems, which convert the energy form into electricity and subsequently into heat, are classified according to the type of fuel their engines use. The most well-known and most widely used of these classes is diesel generator sets. In this article, we have compiled the answers to the questions of how diesel generator sets work and what features they have.

Diesel Generator Working Principle

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, diesel generators are the most well-known generator type. Diesel is the fuel that enters the field of fossil fuels and is known as diesel among the people. Diesel generators are a system consisting of an engine suitable for diesel and an alternator suitable for it. Diesel generator sets produce electrical energy and are the ideal solution for use for uninterrupted electricity supply by activating when the mains electricity is cut off.

Let’s take a closer look at the working principle of diesel generator with diesel generator engine and alternator. The working principle of diesel engines, which is familiar from automobiles, is the same for generators. The engine burns diesel fuel with oxygen. Diesel is a self-igniting fuel. In accordance with the working principle of the diesel engine, the temperature of the air is increased, the energy released by the burning diesel pushes the pistons and thus the movement energy is provided.

The last part of the generator systems is the alternator. The motion energy produced by the diesel generator engine is transmitted to the alternator and the alternator transforms this energy into electrical energy and presents it to the system. In other words, the working principle of diesel generator systems; It can be summarized as an energy form conversion from fuel to motion and from there to electricity.

Diesel Generator Options

Diesel generators; It has options in power ranges from 9 kVA to 3550 kVA as standard production. In addition, there are options for all power options with or without a cabinet. In addition to such standard diesel generator types, Teksan also makes project-specific productions. In addition to the engine and alternator, the control panel, chassis, fuel tank and cooling system are the main parts of the diesel generator systems in the standard equipment list.
You can see detailed information about diesel generator sets, which you can safely use as an uninterruptible power supply in your building, facility or construction site type work site. It is also possible to compare the diesel generator options with high quality production and technology and to request special production for your project.

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